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On August 4th, remedies, Professor Wu Shanming talks about hepat

Compere: each netizen good afternoon ,welcome Sohu Health interviews ,today we are very honored the Shanghai Huashan Hospital professor Weng Xinhua and the Shanghai public health clinical center Professor Wu Shanming told friends talk about hepatitis B with respect to the topic ,please first two professors with our friends to play a simple hello.
Weng Xinhua: each netizen good afternoon. The Shaw :each netizen everybody good afternoon ,today have the opportunity to talk with you about treatment for hepatitis B ,we feel very glad ,willing to serve you .
Host: two professors are China Hepatitis Prevention professors ,I hope that the active participation of users to our interview, talk today is hepatitis B therapeutic targets in gold and silver ,many netizens more doubts hepatitis B treatment will have gold and silver ?By today we B liver in patients with hepatitis B prevention or attention of netizens will to treat hepatitis B have some understanding of how to win the gold medal ,the first professor please ,tell us about hepatitis B treatment of gold and silver what is the concept of content ?B treatment of gold and silver refers to what ?Weng Xinhua: we are the image of our treatment process The phenomenon that a metaphorically speaking ,the best things as gold ,time is a point of silver ,again a point target is bronze ,we in chronic treatment of hepatitis B ,especially after the emergence of antiviral drugs ,patient treatment goals happened in several situations, one is with drug treatment may achieve better state, surface antigen is response of liver virus inside the volume ,surface antigen can disappear ,a number of protective antibodies ,Adiads Porsche Design,is the surface antibody will come out of this phenomenon ,although a part of the patient ,but this is the best realm ,so take it metaphor in sports which obtained the gold medal the same, but in the treatment of which many patients may be performed in the e antigen disappeared ,and e antibody positive ,e antigen is also the virus replication ,so the drug inhibited, especially oral this class or antiviral drug inhibits hepatitis B virus replication ,so it will take e antigen disappeared ,and then E antibody out ,this analogy is silver.
Comparison see surface antigen without negative ,only e antigen seroconversion in the treatment of It is quite time level ,so the image to a bronze medal. B gold = cure ?Compere: is it right? Got a gold medal on behalf of hepatitis B after cure ?Weng Xinhua :our treatment goals which says ,antiviral treatment goals ,this disease is cured is more difficult, but we are the maximum inhibition of virus copy ,such is to reduce future complications ,such as cirrhosis ,liver cancer ,if the surface antigen seroconversion ,surface antibody seroconversion ,the situation now seems to put the patient as a cure for the condition ,but stopped the drug after a number of years will turn ?Probably few patients still need long-term effort ,because there is no cure.
There is also a situation of the treatment process .Especially after oral administration of the drug in HBV DNA level quickly down the down ,did not see the e antigen disappeared or e antigen transformation ,like this we often compare the image to a bronze medal ,in oral drugs ,DNA seroconversion is occurring in the first place ,later also there will be e antigen loss ,which was treated with different stages of the phenomenon ,More Details Tolstoy had not written yet .,so our image of the said that in order to give patients to set a confidence ,have the potential to treat this would happen In some situations ,but if the first case, that is probably one of the best .
Antigen loss ,surface appearance of antibodies is difficult to achieve ?Host: you just talked about the gold medal the patient surface antigen disappearance ,surface antibody appeared ,this goal is it right? More difficult to achieve ?Achieve this goal ratio Weng Xinhua :how ?In this treatment ,may now many hepatitis B antiviral appearance also is the end of the last century ,but is also less than ten years, in this ten years, if the drug run course of interferon treatment is reaching the surface antigen loss and surface antibody seroconversion occurring probability compared to other oral medications must be high, but despite its proportion is very low ,generally 3% to7% levels,but the recent follow-up material ,4yearsis probably around 11% percentage in overall ,this proportion is still relatively low ,despite the relatively low but it is a good the symptom of interferon treatment in patients with hepatitis B .
If more antigen loss ,surface antibody ,why the host: therapy with interferon .Hepatitis B patients achieve this goal will likely higher. Hua :heart ,than other drugs higher. Moderator: interferon and another class compared to the high number of nucleoside why ?What characteristics? Weng Xinhua : treatment with interferon and nucleoside drugs has two different natures ,nucleoside drugs mainly inhibit viral reproduction ,notably HBV DNA this digital soon ,but this treatment process which has certain proportion ,is probably more than 20% also have the e antigen disappeared ,e antibody level of conversion to a low point, overall oral medications may also appear this phenomenon ,but the interferon treatment process which has two functions ,one is to have antiviral the role ,also is an adjustment of the human immune function ,is to enable you to build a good immune response ,may at the same time the body to clear the virus ,not only inhibit the virus ,so this kind of treatment process which sometimes make e antigen disappeared and e antibody conversion ratio is relatively high, will reach more than 30%, and can reach the proportion of about 50% ,e antigen disappeared is a premise, so that the probability of the occurrence of the large crowd .
Moderator: through Weng Professor introduction ,I believe that all the people may be for B Liver treatment goals gold and silver have some understanding .Someone asked ,this goal is not too high ?Is it right? Achieve this unlikely hepatitis B treatment goals ?Whether can achieve the gold medal ?Shaw :our goal is a trilogy ,first step or the minimum requirement is put in the patients of hepatitis B virus DNA inhibition of the replication of fall ,if the patient viral DNA replication inhibiting words ,the patient inflammation ,necrosis of mitigating circumstances ,liver function can be gradually restored ,if long-term sustained inhibition ,progress to cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma but little opportunity ,this is the bronze medal .
Now we almost ten years clinical observation study found is only achieved by DNA e antigen negative ,if not negative words ,the general withdrawal after the illness relapses easily ,we will give a realistic goal ,we can achieve is to e antigen seroconversion ,so e antigen turn out to produce antibodies to e ,so this point is very important, because we numerous clinical cases experience confirm ,reach this step for many patients stop drug beyond disease above 80% have stability, progress to cirrhosis ,hepatocellular carcinoma the chance is very little ,so it is able to achieve the The two step ,which is now our realistic goals ,now we also proposed an ideal target ,this is the highest ideal ,also is the third steps ,in the e antigen seroconversion after is it right? The surface antigen also turn out ?Surface antigen many studies have confirmed ,it is on behalf of liver inside is there not a virus very main index, the United States of America from put forward last year for e antigen positive surface antigen negative appearance of antibodies ,from now advances in drug therapy of interferon ,we can make a small proportion of patients to achieve this goal ,the liver cell nuclei inside the virus has also been a lot of inhibition, especially with the emergence of surface antibody is a protective antibodies ,these patients after lesions of the probability is very little now ,according to the experience of present negative situation is not very high ,but the dawn saw ,from the start of treatment after only 3% to 5% to7%,to a 9% conversion rate ,now through four years of clinical observation after interferon treatment, gradually in e antigen seroconversion rate can reach 11% under ,also have a direct antiviral effect of interferon and immune regulation function, the immunomodulatory effects on withdrawal period Time may also exist ,so this problem is worth paying attention, because previously we used oral nucleoside drugs do appear surface and surface antigen antibody that is scanty ,less than 1% ,it could reach the relative to at least give us a hope, it is through our how to further optimize the treatment ,what by the doctor to strengthen individual treatment ,I believe that this treatment will further .
The treatment of hepatitis B three target whether to continuous treatment ?Moderator: the three goal is to continuously ?The Shaw : the first step is based ,such as Pegasys ,is about one to two years or so is probably around 48% people can reach e antigen seroconversion ,in other words if treated well for two people who may have one made in the treatment of Weng Xinhua: this drug has the effect ,after stopping there will be a period of time to see the results came out, which is also in the interferon inside to see more special.
Interferon with enough of a course need to continue monitoring Moderator :interferon ?Enough for 48 weeks,a course of treatment still need to go to the hospital after monitoring ?Heart :on China clinical experience may increase the conversion rate ,all What experience ?Moderator: just the professor introduced by summing up the present clinical experience may increase the conversion rate ,could you explain what experience ,treatment time .
Is it right? More extended ?Who will be hoping to obtain serum conversion ?The Shaw :after interferon effect is a clinical test report our medicine ,it is strictly in accordance with GCP standards ,is a good drug clinical test specification ,so it has some randomization ,all sorts of conditions set very strict, which in some patients can be treated ,which in some patients cannot be treated, so the conclusion with pegylated interferon therapy for 48 weeks ,e antigen seroconversion is about 28% to 29%,withdrawal was observed for 24 weeks ,which is 72 weeks time can be increased to 32% ,now observed in our Asian people to one and a half to two years time e antigen seroconversion can also further improve the clinical application ,we are now in clinical treatment, we more than clinical experimental ratio ,because the clinical experiment when conditions are fixed, we now can be an individual, is to target detection ,we here Put forward a point of view, in the course of treatment to observe the patient middle e antigen quantitative detection of e antigen level ,is it right? From high to low e step by step ,if the antigen from the high level, such as the original is more than 200 ,more than 300 ,after half a year of treatment fell to 50 ,60,as far as tube e antigen was not negative, but e antigen in decline ,so we will consider appropriate extended courses of treatment ,as in clinical experiment when saying this for one year only ,actually we now look to extend the patient is able to improve the level of demand ,here is the observation of e antigen seroconversion ,if no e antigen reduce ,then also no significance ,surface antigen is also like this, it also has a drop of ,is it right? We observe it from high to low show also has a hope ,so in this case ,we sometimes patients one year course enough extended for another six months or even a year may there will be improved, so the index to clinical doctor to observe ,sometimes to tell patients ,allowing the patient to accept ,this is also very important .
Moderator: the two indicators in clinical detection condition how? The Shaw :now we use a Generally and all is e antigen semi quantitative ,semiquantitative e antigen now most common ,one of the two kinds of reagent ,is an American Abbott reagents ,is another Swiss Roche reagent ,the two reagents for the detection or very good ,Abbott Company and surface antigen quantitative reagent ,so in observation of the time we must pass our state approval of the reagent ,no approved reagent reagent itself easily sometimes errors do not see .
Which one is more suitable for interferon therapy ?Moderator: just another problem is close to what people may be more appropriate ,there is some clinical conclusions ,which people through this interferon therapy may be more readily achieved the highest goal ?The Shaw :according to our past until now ordinary interferon long-acting interferon ,we select patient object is very important ,preferably a younger ,almost at the age of 40 ,if the teens effect better ,if after the age of 50 treatmenteven made e antigen seroconversion ,some patients may progress to cirrhosis ,so age want something lighter ,which is treated a little better ,what patients need early Now ,early diagnosis ,early treatment ,in addition to our clinical experience in hopes of aminotransferase levels need to be a bit higher ,we generally the best speakers at a maximum value of two times to ten times between ,because aminotransferase high also illustrate the in vivo immune response and virus occurred between the struggle ,we Chinese more than 50% is a family of mother-to-child transmission of the infection ,very long time in immune tolerant phase ,no matter what you are twice the result with half the effort ,we must in the immune period clear ,objective index is the level of transaminase ,especially at about 5 times the effect is the best ,of course, in two times to five times is also good ,two times the following may effect is poor, the third is the patient DNA level is not too high ,the general DNA in ten of the ten party or nine party the following ,if sometimes the virus is very high so that the removal effect of the corresponding difference a bit, so these three patients may be more suitable ,and interferon a an advantage ,it is the general course is relatively short compared to a fixed ,http://www.nikesforce1.com/,we especially for some girls to marry ,Jeremy Scott Adidas I was a good rogue,be pregnant ,if nucleoside eat up three years five years stop off ,if you prepare to get married and have children in recent two or three years These can be considered, and some people worry that the nucleoside drugs require long-term treatment is it right? Occurrence of resistant variants, is it right? Worse ,this situation may also use interferon ,for these people is recommended to give priority to the use of gold therapy in clinic .
B :drive host by two professors are introduced to our treatment goals some understanding ,in clinical or reality we have some to promote the treatment target guidance ?Will enable more patients to achieve treatment goals ?Weng Xinhua :recently there have been some antiviral agent aspects of the investigation ,antiviral therapy patient acceptance also increased, from the previous survey ,general patient antiviral treatment is below 20% ,now the investigation apparently is high, indicating the patient has this treatment is accepted and recognized ,during interferon treatment process, with interferon treatment, some virus surface antigen seroconversion and antibody conversion have some of this report ,the report looks national and probably also on 100 cases the patient presented with such a situation ,this is of course from various places to collect material is a good phenomenon ,we from This allows us to physicians and patients to set a confidence ,just the president mentioned many therapeutic aspects ,how to promote this, very important is to let the doctors and patients are aware of the situation ,know this phenomenon ,we actually through this event to this show, so that doctors and patients are aware of this form ,so there are some activities will promote some of this work ,our main case is in the nationwide inside income treatment better case ,there are more influential report ,so more conducive to the physician in this confidence ,the patient also in this build confidence ,we want to pass this class activities of the doctor or the patient ,understanding the situation ,understand the present in clinical application after the case, because the drug is opened in 2005 to use,now also had two years of much time ,this phenomenon gradually by many doctors know ,this was also in the medical treatment process by the accumulation of .
Analysis of typical cases Moderator: next the professor can give we introduce one or two typical case ?The Shaw :for any one Therapy is a new therapy ,long-acting interferon to now listing application C have a history of five years ,application to hepatitis B only has a history of three years ,this requires two strengthen ,one is the need to strengthen continuing education to clinicians ,so now we are many associations are ongoing lectures ,including those of us the company also the International Academic Conference on recommend us ,let us physician awareness, second of patients still need to strengthen health education ,especially on the response to interferon therapy in which benefit to have ,what are the possible side effects ,side effects can be prevented or can treat ,how to treat ,both parties to the problem awareness ,another problem to arouse two enthusiasm ,a patient must strengthen to the compliance of the doctors ,is that patients actively cooperate with medical treatment ,active ,do not arbitrarily break or change ,there are in fact a is a doctor, the doctor in this regard compliance is also very important ,that is the drugs can have a comprehensive understanding of this drug ,advantages ,disadvantages ,its indications ,contraindications to understand it all ,then in the treatment process can now on the basis of more Further improve ,according to now I complete summary of 104patients with intermediateabout 60% people made the e antigen seroconversion ,foreign reports are typically 48% to 50% the left and right sides,surface antigen seroconversion is about 22% ,a is not in accordance with the requirements of clinical experiments a year to stop drug, a year stop words have many patients are achieved or just make seroconversion ,seroconversion after we have a solid time ,some patients before interferon therapy for one year ,one year will be stopped ,stopped after the cause of the complex ,even if you have achieved silver or gold ,these the patient must strengthen the follow-up ,third very important experience is a doctor on the side effects of treatment must be carefully ,such as blood cells and white blood cells decreased ,some doctors see a drop not used immediately ,of course, down have a degree ,but also on the blood cells and white blood cells decline has a solution, my own patients due to the two stop treatment if not ,of course can be properly adjusted to conduct rigorous monitoring and timely treatment ,popular medicine this year the fourth period have I write how to deal with interference The adverse reaction ,corresponding to the doctor is a little higher, one is in the treatment process of intermediate reading index ,want to see its momentum and quantitative change ,but also its surface antigen ,these a few index together ,so there are some patients to appropriate treatment can improve the effect of longer ,allowing the patient to complete a a treatment or appropriate for extended treatment ,hope to be able to achieve a second stage ,is the e antigen seroconversion ,this is our physicians still need to ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,some patients with viral replication index is very high ,sometimes the onset of treatment when proper with a nucleoside drugs ,of course, the problem in the world, domestic or understanding is not consistent ,according to each patient in the treatment of one stage, because some patients during treatment with DNA intermediate ,it is high for a period of time ,some of the treatment process DNA decreased slowly can also be appropriate to use of nucleoside drugs ,just all about is a single problem ,so sometimes you with one point is worth our further exploration and practice .
Patients need to do to prepare ?Host: I patients to the treatment needs to be done Some what kind of preparation ?What to side effect ?The Shaw :like this long-acting interferon genes have a fever than in the past with interferon to come to light, but it lasts mostly less than 24 hours ,the individual is in two or three days ,if the patient feels pain ,eat antipyretics this is more common ,followed by white blood cells ,platelets, a patient at the start of treatment when every half month blood count first to look, according to us now the interferon treatment we have an expert consensus ,if it fell badly too low if we properly with some white drugs continue to rise treatment ,sometimes you can play a little white hormone 11 can also beimproved, the patient is little ,also from abroad, treatment ,past in HCV treatment did not see as tumor chemotherapy at the time or autoimmune disease with immunosuppressive agents ,low white blood cells will be prone to infection ,like our treatment of hepatitis B infection occurs less.
Third had some neurologic symptoms ,some patients with anxiety ,some patients heartbeat is quick ,have some sleep is not good ,there are some spirits Even the spirit of melancholy ,the doctor talked to him to be more cautious ,more serious degree can be used to improve some psychoactive drugs ,we also encountered a severe depression induced by interferon in patients with Dutch act or behavior ,but it always is less also ,there are other possible reaction hair ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,I have patients out of 1/3,but this was stopped after treatment will grow ,there is a weight loss ,some patients were afraid of ,a year down the weight loss of 5 to 10 jins,some patients to reduce 20 catties ,I met one of the most powerful is reduced 50 catties ,but this turned out to be a big fat man after the reduction ,so is also very happy, others are very rare ,some patients may have a little stomach discomfort ,diarrhea ,these side effects are not in need of treatment ,such as weight loss to the late will be normal ,and may cause alterations in thyroid function, some people of hypothyroidism.
The treatment ,so we periodically while doing a thyroid function tests ,sometimes please endocrine doctors consultation about a basic will not have any problem ,the key is we doctors treating patients at To note ,if the patient has severe autoimmune disease ,need to autoimmune disease cure later treatment ,or family history which has serious mental depression ,or hepatic jaundice deep in this patient was not considered, so the interference element is not all people can be used, there is already pregnant also absolutely not .
Weng Xinhua :just the Dean is in the patient investigation found that some phenomenon ,the patient is always changing physicians ,we treat patients for doctors in more than half of the patients ,so the president has just told the actually interferon treatment is very effective ,but a doctor has been in therapy ,you decide the doctor give you the full treatment course to do better ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,successful patient is the same ,you always have a doctor in guiding you through the process of treatment, this is the best choice ,not today for a hospital ,tomorrow for a hospital ,that interferon therapy is not very ideal .
Just about side effects may occur ,but may not necessarily occur ,in doctor under the guidance of treatment will tell you how to overcome it Some problems ,how to do treatment finally succeed.
By interferon treatment about how long can realize surface antigen seroconversion by interferon treatment ?Friends :how long can realize surface antigen seroconversion ?The Shaw :I have about three stage ,now more reality can be achieved, first realization of e antigen seroconversion ,if e antigen seroconversion will not achieve without surface antigen seroconversion ,second of our clinical observation to the e antigen negative time ,1/3people about thetreatment to six months can be achieved when ,most of them after six months or even a year later ,so the surface antigen based on my own for these patients ,in January last year when I have 8 individual surfaceantigen negative ,there is now a total of 18 people,basically within one year of negative is around two or three, the longest in two to two and a half years ,if the e antigen seroconversion basis, my own experience ,I his patients is probably a little more than 20% can do surface antigen negative ,surface antigen negative number is certainly less ,I have now to further improve the conversion rate ,So is it right? With the drug problem ,is it right? Extended regimens of the problem ,is it right? Dose can also increase a little ,this is we have clinical continuous experimental work ,negative ,or minority, there is an expected value ,now e antigen seroconversion is quite ideal ,one is the ideal goal, we must pursue.
Host: so I want correct look upon this goal. We have some friends is now a relatively stable state ,small Sanyang ,DNA is not detected ,and compared with normal transaminase ,these patients in daily life have some maintenance methods? Weng Xinhua :in the outpatient department often encounter ,especially when medical examination found that this phenomenon ,when the discovery of small Sanyang ,DNA level is not high ,very many years of liver function is normal, this is not the need for antiviral treatment ,because these patients may be only 30 years old,40 years old,or regular look at his liver function have no change ,if the liver function has fluctuation ,DNA is done, this time may treatment time, then choose more appropriate treatment ,many patients believe is earth, this should tell the user is Deceptive ,on many occasions to tell people what is the correct signal ,does not tell the correct signal will have different hospitals ,different doctors incorrect treatment ,economic and spiritual are subject to the influence of each respect, also in the community should not discriminate against the patient ,is big Sanyang ,DNA high nor the patient should be discriminated ,some patients with normal liver function complete ,DNA high point ,should be treated right ,along with propaganda extensively gradually was accepted ,as previously in the same office.
We feel very afraid ,now will dispel the worries ,I feel like the patient does not need to be what special treatment. The Shaw :these people are chronic hepatitis B virus carriers ,according to popular area years of follow-up ,about three fourths of one have no effect ,only 1/4 of those problems may arise ,we need periodic inspection ,if found the problem for treatment, also a lot of publicity is such ,no medical basis ,inside the middle of the night often see such ads ,we say things at home and abroad is recognized by everybody ,including the modern traditional Chinese Medicine They also accepted ,only one human life do not take their health are you kidding .
The treatment of hepatitis b ad so much ,how should I do ?I :why do we concerned department approval so much of Chinese medicine in the treatment of hepatitis b ad ,how to have a blurred vision ?The Shaw :we emphasize a scientific sex ,this is to have a basis, by an efficacy ,by a drug must have a control group to compare ,clinical experiment and it is more than good effect or the same this medicine is tenable ,if not better than that is not tenable ,we are very much medicine is no contrast ,is completely experience on this is not enough, now introduce a lot of things we also speak out for many years ,we now state propaganda department ,the relevant departments are to take this problem seriously .
Liver disease prevention needs more attention netizen :please ask the professor ,hepatitis B virus infectious than HIV and 100 times stronger,this is a very terrible like ,two such experts can give our country the relevant departments and leaders to promote more attention to liver disease prevention or formulate corresponding system ?The Shaw :This is our country government takes seriously very much ,now on chronic Hepatitis B prevention are our eleven five tackles key problem ,country is very important, many of our scientific research topic to study ,like this year World Hepatitis Day ,it also explains the importance of this issue ,especially some time ago for hepatitis B discrimination issues ,now in our countries have legislation ,not as long as the hepatitis B patients can participate in government functionary examination ,still learning ,work ,labor would not be affected ,unless the individual occupation ,food service industry ,tourism industry ,join the army and other generally are not affected by this problem ,please rest assured users ,the development of science and technology also change rapidly ,some jobs require repeated stresses speak ,just like hepatitis B discrimination issues ,some of the traditional habit of thinking we also need a long time ,it is better to advocate for patients without hepatitis B infection of hepatitis B vaccine immunization activities ,our country started in 1992 to allborn in a hospital routine newborn hepatitis B vaccination in 1992 ,after the birth of child now the hepatitis B surface antigen carrying rate is very low ,only 0.
2 to 0.6%,as some high-risk populations ,such as medical staff ,external contact with more people Inoculation with a vaccine ,the key to this problem now some people still don ,to various community health center has hepatitis B vaccination ,the AIDS virus in vitro soon died ,the hepatitis B virus in vitro time is relatively long, we 70 in a lot of Yangpu District Hospital a work, found in hepatitis B patients with blood on the object surface can probably survived for one month ,like beauty ,piercing ,tattoos are noted ,as other gastroscopy ,tooth extraction should pay attention to these .
Moderator: through two introduction ,may netizens for hepatitis B treatment goals have a preliminary understanding ,the process is very complex ,and with two experts can we hepatitis B patients some advice.
Weng Xinhua :I think the chronic hepatitis B patients to establish confidence ,to persist in efforts ,this is a very long treatment process ,but also to the doctor right under the guidance of correct treatment options ,prospects should be bright.
The Shaw :I think the treatment for hepatitis B current says should be hopeful ,have way ,the prospects are very optimistic ,advise the wide hepatitis B patients not drowning man will catch at a straw .
Chair Man :the last two experts to introduce their own pay a home visit time and place .Weng Xinhua :my time is Monday morning clinic ,in Shanghai Huashan Hospital. The Shaw :I told ,director ,is also a Monday morning in my studio ,I find .
Moderator :we today ,thank you very much the netizen and two expert guidance ,Myopia can be good,we hope that the majority of patients with hepatitis B in subsequent treatment more get the gold medal, thank !Because of the limited time ,I do not answer all one one ,there is a demand of the users can go consulting forum questions ,where Beijing three Jiadeng hospital Ditan hospital doctors there .
,click to enter: consulting forum interview subject :chronic hepatitis B treatment of gold and silver and brass mm how to pursue a better therapeutic targets for invited guests: Shanghai Huashan Hospital professor Weng Xinhua Shanghai Municipal Public Health Center ( Shanghai Infectious Disease Hospital ) interview of Professor Wu Shanming : August 4, 2008 15:00-16:00 PMplease netizens commentary in the back office leave your questions ,experts in the interview given to the guidance! Please log on this page refresh ,watching the interview broadcast !In the treatment of hepatitis B ,an important problem is that we reach what kind of situation is the treatment of the end ,because the target will determine whether we choose what kind of treatment regimens ,only treatment goals and treatment scheme of matching between the reasonable ,patients on treatment satisfaction in order to achieve the highest ,compliance to the best.
Gold and silver bronze theory is based on the development on the foundation . The so-called gold refers to the treatment of hepatitis B surface antigen seroconversion ,i.e. surface antigen clearance ,and appeared on the surface .

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