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Sunday, 27-May-2012 03:25 Email | Share | Bookmark
Why not register Shen Xiaoyang Xiao Shenyang

A few days ago wrote an article from a marketing perspective on " Xiao Shenyang " the article, put forward " Xiao Shenyang " the name is a bit split, as the artist's name very cool is also very easy to spring into fame the world to know, but as a brand name is impossible, because the "trademark law" Tenth second the provisions of paragraph, at or above the county level of the place names of the administrative districts or foreign place names known by the public,http://deadidasporschedesign.com, may not be used as trademarks.
So " Xiao Shenyang " the brand is simply impossible, artist Xiao Shenyang " " red again again hot nor the brand extends,Click Here, when no " Wang and " stinky tofu, when not " Wang Shouyi " thirteen incense,The application of --1 technology index, also should not become a &quot " lining; clothing.
As when the old Qin described Chinese fast food " Red Sorghum " light has a good,More Details, but " to jump out of the bowl and can't walk out of the shop as Xiao Shenyang "." " so, keep a stage when the stove life " to jump out, get out, get big screen " brand extension.
Do? " &quot &quot " Beijing; Nanjing; Shanghai " " can become commodities, that is the history of the formation of the Chinese characteristics,Application of Excel functions tutorial statistical function below , who call it &quot " defy laws human and divine, this history is not possible;In the " Xiao Shenyang " happen.
If called " Shen, " &quot, " small cations; and " ANN " " " &quot small plum; small German " too, suspected eunuchs. This old Qin consider considering,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, suddenly become enlightened at once, " Xiao Shenyang " why not a back-to-front, registered " Shen Xiaoyang " trademark, let " Xiao Shenyang " extending " Shen Xiaoyang " curve saves the nation.
Such a flexible, not only the artist &quot " Xiao Shenyang; also can procreate,Adidas Jeremy Scott, under the " Shen Xiaoyang " commodity cub, and a variable stay the same, it is also a mule, people can find parents who market will later, mules than without issue.
Imagine "the red lantern" in Li Tiemei and Li Yu and, Li Nainai is not a flexible extension of the brand. "Not pessimistic, if the " Shen Xiaoyang " brand cigarettes,Jeremy Scott Adidas, " Shen Xiaoyang " brand stinky tofu, " Shen Xiaoyang " brand condoms, who also don't know is that " high class in action, " " Xiao Shenyang " brand extension.

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