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Episode four beauty beauty

As if ,as a newborn baby girl ,nature she arranged everything .In a woman ,has a strong hormonal Legion determines the woman ,body ,emotion ,sleep ,and even pregnancy ,production ,and watch over the woman When young, the Legion was estrogen androgen ,progesterone ,fast running ,we become an adult ,you myself more and more feminine, attract more boys eyes ,after, you will and your sweetheart marriage ,birth, and watched the children grow up ,and then later ,at the age of 35 or so,the nature that we reproduce the task has been sex hormones have been completed ,there is no value ,so she will be our hormones heartless one point one points away ,so we will gradually lose the human ,grow old ,ugly ,and even sick HH also is thirty or forty years of age or over fifty women ,some like a little girl, but some dryness old ;some slim figure ,some have begun to go out of form; some be full of go ,some are terribly fatigued HH also has a slender marriageable age ,experienced ten years ,twenty Years life ,why to middle-aged people ,people can still &quot &quot ;beauty ;someone has &quot &quot ;aging ;!The answer is still &quot &quot ;hormones ;!It as the shadow follows the form control a woman .
But adolescence mm gestation period mm postpartum recovery period of MM perimenopause ,is female in the life the most prone to &quot ;hormonal imbalance of &quot ;in the four periods ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,in these special physiological period care ,good care of their hormonal system ,will be accomplished woman wonderful lifelong dream !Puberty Angie, 21 years old,travel agency in May last year, go to the beach had a swim ,then the weather is cool later ,old friend ,&quot ;&quot ;is not about suddenly ,started very glad ,feel a lot less trouble ,but later began to cold hands and feet ,his face is not good ,also grow some finely spotted !Oh HH middle 3-4 seenthe doctor again ,open the vitamin ,estrogen ,Wuji Baifeng pills and so ,after 1weeks or 10 daysonce ,then again disappeared .
With the hormone fear and control condition of urgency ,row for a few hours to see a doctor the team doctor ,regular course of official duties as easy to ask and he sent me .When I think about The doctor nonchalance ,I really do not understand my problem is nothing like me in this case it is quite common for the meet the eye everywhere ,he has been a close friend ?Also have such worry, wants me to go with her acupuncture treatment, but with so many methods ,may also wish to try traditional Chinese Medicine .
With a friend came to the &quot ;Cheng ,Chinese &quot ;expert cordial attitude ,moment let me on physician bias cut in half ,via expert diagnosis I is due to improper menstrual care ,cold coagulation blood and lead to endocrine appeared disorder phenomenon ,according to the state established treatment regimens ,using acupuncture and moxibustion combined with cupping was back ,no drugs .
And each time to recuperate will according to my physical condition ,the appropriate change some acupuncture points or manipulation ,3conditioningafter finishing, hands and feet began to warm up ,after a conditioning regimen ,stained face little less rosy ,and many of the original breast ,the feeling of pain was also the magic is gone, an old friend of &quot ;&quot ;20daysquietly, after three cycles of conditioning ,old friend &quot ;&quot ;not only the law ,the color red ,the amount is much, also Quietly, the old problems have also been well dysmenorrhea cured.
Get rid of the shadow in the heart ,colleagues and tourists alike say my smile ,with the vitality of youth !Chinese medicine care :&quot ;women ,Ren Tong Sheng ,Taichong clock ,in the &quot ,menstrual period ;for a female friend is Shenqi filled logo .
Every moon menstruates for several days, women are quite worrying day ,regularly ,no pain is fairly good, if you don act according to the law of &quot ;&quot ;when, really annoying .Many female friends around twenty years old girl due to developmental processes in hormone levels instability ,and do not pay attention to menstrual health ,coolness ,stay up all night ,smoking ,even frequent abortion ,extremely easy to cause menstrual disorders ,amenorrhea ,dysmenorrhea ,or short-term period is too long ,the volume too much even &quot ;metrorrhagia & quot ;,pubertal menstrual problems should also be treated aggressively ,otherwise it will give later pregnancy production ,bring hidden trouble.
And the use of hormone therapy methods ,often produce dependence ,very difficult to get rid of ,more accompanied by serious side effects .However ,treating irregular menstruation is the motherland medicine &quot masterpiece ;&quot ;,it to the menstrual cycle and the amount of bleeding The main change ,combined with menstrual color ,texture and systemic symptoms from cold, heat ,virtual reality ,four aspects of treatment based on syndrome differentiation, can receive excellent effect.
Chinese seeking a way of keeping good health ,the modern lifestyle and habits ,is to lead to an abnormal menstruation mastermind of one of.&quot to do &quot ;grace ;the family probably concerned about appearances hate ,not a day has 25 hours of white-collar class ,KFC fast food ,Macdonald MM ,computer from worm ,is this kind of diseases susceptible populations ,check their unhealthy life style and habits ,with menstrual disorders thoroughly the premise of Bye~bye !.
Rain, 30 years old,lawyer ( pre ) after eight years of war ,one day suddenly feel childless woman really is not perfect enough ,and began the preparations of unable to hold oneself back together, hard to study the medical, work hard ,but the half a year down ,flat belly nothing happened ,husband is increasingly looking eyes and after change of role ,mental ,emotional ,complexion are greatly affected ,usually full of youthful spirit of a person, suddenly felt tired ,sore muscles ,does not want to do anything ,and insomnia ,constipation and pile To the elderly .
Both sides anxious eyes ,love look ,let the younger people to do I really some be unable to resist sustain the blows .See the &quot &quot ;drama ;in the MM once the decision to marry especially to the baby before going to &quot ;Chinese medicine clinics in &quot ;to open several pairs of tonic ,do several time of acupuncture treatment, the &quot ;pre maintenance &quot ;ideas inadvertently inspired me ,let ancestor things in foreign land blossom fruit ,really some injustice ,so &quot ;unable to hold oneself back &quot ;accepted three months professional acupuncture pre-conditioning .
&quot ;Cheng Chinese &quot ;a harmonious medical environment and the professional and enthusiastic medical guide service let me relax a lot, initial acupuncture may have some tension ,but the doctor patient guidance ,the string taut gradually relax ,acupuncture position acid ,hemp ,swell ,pain is very weak ,it can accept ,this let me dispel the last psychological obstacle.
The doctor said this is because the use of a special disposable needle causes ,not only pain is greatly reduced, and fundamentally avoids cross infection of.30 minutes of conditioning time, and doctors in exchanges ,happily spend .
Conditioning program implementation is very smooth, surface Color red many ,mood from Warrington ,husband to look in the eye music in the heart ,do not urge me to time the to regulate appetite ,and better ,work is just like a drink red bull ,Adiads Porsche Design,mom and dad saw my change ,seems to have been to her grandson ,the two old people smile, it makes me nervous tension is relaxed, the doctors told me there are a lot of factors of infertility ,and emotional stress ,excessive pressure is one of the important factors .
Now ,a few friends in secret is to be eager for a fight ,ready to acupuncture and intimate contact ,to realize its magic charm . Traditional Chinese Medicine care :married life in a very important stage ,parent child is the continuation of life ,are the parents of the hope of the future ,everyone in the family hopes to nurture good health of the next generation ,therefore ,from the looks of pregnant moment, both husband and wife to Progestation health ,especially to our female friends ,full pre-pregnancy preparation is not only for your next generation ,it is for the sake of your own health ,through preconception care can reduce many of the risk factors and high-risk pregnancy incidence .
Traditional Chinese medicine has always stressed &quot ;seed must keep &quot ;,kidney essence is filled ,then menstruation Conversely ,if normal ,pregnancy ,kidney deficiency ,Tiangui dystrophy or disorders ,Blog China - personal column,menstrual disorders can occur ,not easy pregnancy ,especially after a number of years before being ready to children of the couple ,endocrine regulation is particularly important ,only endocrine coordination to ensure your baby healthy and smart.
Chinese medicine and physical and mental harmony ,has good psychological ,happy mood is very important,Shenzhen red ridge private VIP secret - 0121 Updated , now a lot of women because of work pressure, family conflicts lead to insomnia ,depression ,mental stress ,and even cause E.
anomaly ,causing constipation ,abdominal distension ,gas more ,these circumstances are not conducive to the baby ,according to patients symptoms ,through treatment by acupuncture ,auricular point sticking ,can improve insomnia and constipation ,to meet the baby to come fully prepared .
Clinically proven to improve fertility ,acupuncture has definite effect of traditional Chinese medicine &quot .&quot ;honesty ;to professional acupuncture techniques ,through stimulation of specific points ,the body running more smoothly and hormone secretion ,activation in the dormant ovarian function ,regulating menstruation and nourishing the blood, guarantee regular menstrual cycles, to help stabilize the ovulation ;eliminating stasis ,relieving pain ,breast distending pain of the disease, reduce the abortion probability ;solution Will not the spleen and stomach ,indigestion and other disease ,improve the nutrient uptake and utilization ;for the fetus to create a warm and nutrient adequacy of the uterine environment at the same time ,also for the smooth delivery ,reduce the complications of pregnancy and postpartum lactation ,postpartum body restores to lay a good foundation .
There is the health of the mother to have a healthy baby, for your baby is ready for the first piece of warm and thick bed !Postpartum recuperation of Dairy ,33 years old,the staff of foreign invested enterprises ( postpartum ) at the age of 33 ,I put the burden of work ,while two people together until the old good wishes, the courage to do fashion mother ,baby is a kind of day ,I actually because of increased production of 30 kg, less than one meter six height ,bear this burden, so I often feel dizziness and shortness of breath, limbs heavy ,what to say ,white face began to appear chloasma ,and slack down ,like a running gas balloons ,menstruation is very no law, all kinds of trouble let me this &quot ;Fashion spokesman &quot ;scene no longer .
Mother weekend together ,most of us have a headache is how to restore the body ,how to rebuild the confidence. Mamy poko is our monthly must-read magazines ,one for postpartum mother Acupuncture regulating reports ,soon to become our focus topic ,we find this &quot ;Cheng Chinese &quot ;should be in place to our mothers ,have formal and professional medical team ,then ,we a few good sisters go to appreciate the charm of acupuncture and moxibustion ,and the exchange of experts ,we were obtained by different acupuncture treatment regimens, experts tell me because the postnatal inactivation in tone, resulting in Yang deficiency of spleen and kidney invigorating spleen and kidney ,need ,adjust the production lead to endocrine disorders in the state ,when the body is unwell symptom disappeared ,add plastic points and methods ,to achieve real science diet .
And six months postpartum is a thin gold period ,should be in the diet ,exercise proper fit ,but must pay attention to nutrient intake ,not excessive dieting ,not excessive ,excessive exercise .
The doctor a pertinent suggestion ,I decided to try acupuncture ,in 3after modulation,feel good ,weight is reduced 3 catties ,period because the baby was ill, was interrupted for two weeks of treatment ,fear will repeatedly ,actually has always been in good health ,and later underwent four courses of efforts ,from the arms Pregnancy to produce nearly two years owed a debt of &quot ;&quot ;,all paid off ,now of I and my former almost no too big difference, it is a more mature charm ,shuttle in the busy street ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,fashion MM also will ask me to cast envious eyes ,really is not in the chuckle to oneself in the heart ,to think that some people do the mother after a slovenly tired yellow face shape ,not only sigh acupuncture gives me the magical effect of traditional Chinese medicine care .
:with the baby first cry ,mother and child and the concomitant ,figure ,such as the skin of water as yesterday chrysanthemum ;baby may be the only album to see mother old style .Modern women are expected to cause family two no mistake ,because the baby ,we the beautiful face and hard work has had a long career ?Return to work ,his colleagues look strange ,it makes women more like chloasma face be completely bared there and then ,obesity was nowhere to hide, so more depression ,irritability ,and irregular menstruation ,not the spleen and stomach is often test new moms tolerance h it appears, the medicine that is because the pregnancy process caused hypothalamus gonadal function temporarily disturbed .
Especially fat metabolism out of balance ;pregnancy and lactation excessive intake of nutrients and in the course of the pregnancy progesterone and estrogen secretion; and the delivery of placenta in vivo away from the hormonal level suddenly reduces ,progesterone and estrogen but not soon returned to normal level ;thus the endocrine system disorders .
Furthermore ,as a result of mom ,pressure and responsibility has also increased ,while the pressure is a result of endocrine disorders in the arch-criminal .Various reasons of body function imbalance.
&quot ;&quot postpartum weight ;in addition to proper exercise ,reasonable diet ,breast feeding ,acupuncture is also effective for healthy weight loss method . Chinese medicine obesity was &quot ;the virtual real standard &quot ;&quot ;,the virtual &quot ;main deficiency of Qi and Yin and Yang ,see two virtual ,ill in spleen ,kidney ,liver for &quot ;&quot ;standard ;phlegm turbidity ,blood stasis ,qi stagnation can be concurrently .
Obesity due to dysfunction of spleen and stomach ,and because the blood run slowly by acupuncture point ,through the adjustment function of main and collateral channels ,strengthening spleen and kidney function ,support healthy atmosphere ,again through the main and collateral channels unblocking effect removing stop in vivo of evil, while promoting fat decomposition ,fast Recovery of shape ;fundamentally regulate the endocrine disorder ,restoration of normal physiological cycle ;supplementing qi and nourishing Yin ,Qi blood circulation, reduce the stain ;overall regulation, safety and no toxic and side effect of several major advantages .
For postpartum this one special crowd ,sports risk is too ,drug fears his injury,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, everything needs to be handled with care ,acupuncture can avoid the several aspects of adverse effects, is one of the most effective health recovery method.
In addition, Chinese pay attention to maintenance of preventive treatment of disease based on &quot ;&quot ;thoughts ,traditional Chinese emphasis on postpartum disease prevention ,noted postpartum in daily life in all respects should be circumspect ,attention winter shelter ,adjustable diet ,on line ,happy emotion there are many middle-aged women ,current clinical due to postpartum loss for conditioning and problems ,Chinese remind seize the moment ,would be due to improper post-natal conditioning hidden danger to the health risk to a minimum ,is a woman you have beautiful and healthy elderly protection.
Mature beauty of ( perimenopause ) Teresa ,38 years old,occupation manager &quot ;the beauty of a woman and is to be careful ,&quot ;this truth I know . From the twenties began ,I regularly go to beauty salons ,women are the professional skin care and maintenance ,since the From 30 years old birthdaycandles blew out the day ,I was determined to fight with aging is determined, then ,cosmetics ,skin care products changed them all to the international brand ,but worrying is not as daunting as effect of price ,the skin relaxation ,fine lines ,dark ,dry ,coarse pores even ,spots and other issues or one one appear on the face .
Occasionally look at fashion magazines reported many world-class star using acupuncture beauty ,slimming ,that made after the mother still shining star ,I seemed to feel the acupuncture fashionable breath ,decided to start my new beauty experience .
In fact ,If your pictures aren't good enough it is because you are not close enough.,outwardly confident I also have their own the puzzle: as a woman, a month old friends do not know from the start on the touch than law ,not half a month once ,that is two or three months gone ,even if is small and dark ,before the dry skin and rough, stain is becoming more and more clear and harsh, again good foundation also hide for skin color dull .
In recent years also added a new problem :one to the period before, chin skin is oily ,and every time to play five or six acne ,which originally belonged to partial dry skin I be not a little bewildered mm is the love Pox adolescence I no longer had several whelk ,is &quot renew one ;&quot ;?I to oneself to feel relieved, be accompanied by breast distending pain ,irritability ,and even hot flashes sweating really let me feel by the few days before it was painful HH actually ,I gradually increased with age recognizing the importance of regular menstruation in women ,especially to see that 30 years old womanhad amenorrhea reports ,more another jittery .
Entered the &quot ;Cheng ,Chinese &quot ;also approached this never had contact with the ancient Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion . After mm expert diagnosis ,I just know originally I arrived before menstruation has acne phenomenon is a typical endocrine disorder, and his many symptoms of the arch-criminal is also derived from the endocrine disorders ,and my PMS is very serious in itself is not a good phenomenon ,if not timely conditioning may easily lead to premature menopause !This to see female charm for the life of me like a bolt from the blue ,I decided to begin treatment immediately .
The first course of treatment is not yet complete, menses has come up ,but the color is bright red ,unlike previous bitter coffee A dark brown ,amount to more than the previous breast distending pain ,also reduce a lot ,I really feel like feel a sense of relief and relaxed! The next treatment more brought me my good feelings :good sleep !Tiredness vanished ,especially the skin, red and shiny ,refreshed feeling makes I find my self-confidence !Plus beauty products meticulous care ,student friends see I agree I am &quot ;beauty beauty &quot ;!Colleagues began to ask me how long keep the secret of youth ,I sincerely say that &quot ;from the inside of the maintenance ,is truly cherish their own &quot ;and ,I am so glad that I am in the physical condition began to decline when he found his own way of cooking traditional Chinese medicine care !:Ming Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing said &quot ;people in middle age ,when to repair m time, then vibration foundation ,still more than half as strong .
&quot ;pay attention to strengthen the anti aging the work is a pressing matter of the moment ,middle-aged women . Chinese medicine, blood for the women ,and the source of blood ,biochemical in spleen ,reservoirs are in liver ,giving vent to the kidney, spleen ,kidney and so the main ,liver ,Chong and Ren ,main and collateral channels is most closely related .
The use of acupuncture method for female endocrine conditioning ,culvert Cover of Bushen Jianpi Shugan several aspects of main and collateral channels acupoints . Applying the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation and treatment, fully reflect the personality ,integrated TCM treatment characteristic .
Female life activity strong ,still rely on Yangming stomach nourishing .Female aging but also from the Yang Ming channel began :in the &quot ;five seven girls ,Yangming veins decline, the face starts to coke ,hair was falling .
&quot ;Yang of spleen and stomach, namely human digestive function collectively ,so good digestive function ,food flavor ,is the key link of middle-aged female health .To stomach ,mainly due to &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;raise ;two words from the diet ,exercise .
Proceed with, to develop good eating habits ,eating more fresh fruits and vegetables ,high protein food ,drink plenty of water ,supplement the body needs water ,at the same time to participate in various sports ,enhance physical fitness ,but also the scientific laws of life, do not always stay up late ,so as not to disrupt the normal physiological regulation ,caused by hormonal imbalance or even insufficient ,causing other diseases ,but also pay attention to rest ,to ensure adequate sleep .
Recommend two meals. Its a soybean . Research shows ,soybean is rich in nutrients ,especially with plant hormone ,it can complement the middle-aged itself hormone deficiencies. Long-term edible soybean can not only improve the female climacteric syndrome ,also can prevent senile dementia .
The proposal form is slightly fat lady drink more Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Tea :15 grams,15 grams oftangerine peel ,an agent ,boiling water, tea ,chrysanthemum has always been known as &quot ;longevity flower ,modern research shows that ,&quot ;edible chrysanthemum against hypertension ,reduction of atherosclerosis ,delay aging ;orange peel is appetizing and phlegm ,two drug match ,can stomachic ,and slimming beauty ,may wish to try.
The woman in 25 starts after the age of aging ,at the age of 40 in the rate of senescencewill accelerate rapidly ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,if not early attention ,from the root conditioning, young woman is really short and fragile !In fact ,Chinese traditional medicine in thousands of years ago been recognized to influence female endocrine core material basis -- hormone ,at & quot Tiangui ;&quot ;names ,and a detailed description of a woman by women at complete physiological process of traditional Chinese medicine special integral view allows us to clearly recognize the front introduced many symptoms of the immanent connection between, and back ,both specimens ,syndrome differentiation and treatment ,to develop individualized conditioning program with the WHO ( WTO ) such as the United States of America and the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) this authority to the therapeutic effect of acupuncture and moxibustion must report ,ancient acupuncture and moxibustion medicine in non operation firming ,thin body ,improve fertility ,menstruation ,maintain cure female organ vitality and magic more quickly attracted the world !Is known as &quot ;no trace of plastic surgery &quot ;and popular at home and abroad .
In hormonal change constantly ,easy occurrence of disordered special physiological period ,timely receiving acupuncture treatment, through the main and collateral channels ,acupoints on appropriate stimulation ,main and collateral channels to mobilize their own potential, two-way benign regulation ,improve hormonal disorders, reconstruction of the inner environment of human body balance ,so as to achieve &quot ;within a raised .

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